Crying over random things

So when I am sad I don't cry then I wait until three weeks later and cry over something stupid. Like I have cried over salt, milk, going out side, and cleaning up my room. I am so weird.~Too School For Cool

Spanish class

I hate that class. Its not that I hate spanish I have always wanted to learn spanish. It's just I hate my teacher and she hates me. She always marks my paper lower than it should be and every time I bring my paper up  to her to see why I got something wrong I usually got it right and she just marked it wrong I know what you are thinking everyone makes mistakes even teachers but this has been going on all year and I am done with it.~Too School For Cool

parent's coworkers

I went to a party with my mom today. The party was a going away party for her boss. I have only met a few people my mom works with before this party. Everyone there new who I was, were I go to school, what I wanted to do in my life, were I want to go to college and what am I doing over the summer. I was very creepy, it was like a room full of stalkers. Well every one was nice and I did have fun. Well I guess you never know how much your mom talks about you until you meet her coworkers~Too School For Cool

People suck

Ok well this post gose along with my post called losing friends, it's about the same girl. So today I get a call from one of my friends,let's call her b, whose relationship with me is rocky right now because she got in to a big fight with one of are other friends, let's call her m, and I picked m side over b. So b calls me to talk about my ex best friend, let's call her s, she tells me that s says it is my fault that we aren't friends and that I felt that I needed s more than s needed me. So practically she called me weak and that I need to follow someone. Then b tells me that I should have tried harder to keep are friendship because you know I didnt tell s how I feel which was hard enough to stick my head out. The ball is and still is in her court and because she is too scared or just a bitch she won't do anything about it. No she just sends a messenger to blam me for every thing. Well I am not talking about her or how I "need to apologize" for telling her how I felt until she puts on her big girl pants and talks to me. I feel like I was stabbed in the back. Note to self never trust anyone with your feelings again because you always get burned~too school for cool


Some people when they have a vacation from school they are never home, Sleepovers every night, going to the mall all day every day or going on a big family vacation that you spend every waking second with your family. But me I spend my vacations home alone trying to make plans with people but people always have other plans. It just shows how much of a nerd I really am. I feel like I have gotten more social this year or maybe it is all just in my head and I am still as antisocial as I have been my whole life. Whatever it is I am just going to have to suck it up and keep moving forward~Too School For Cool

Teachers yelling

So today at school we had a assembly and every one in the auditorium was talking and my homeroom teacher screamed "you get over here" and she was pointing at me!!! So I got up and walked over to her!! She screamed "sit down and if you do that again you will go to the back of the room!" I sat down and thought what the hell I didn't do anything wrong! So I got screamed at and moved for nothing. Fuck my life~too school for cool


I go to a catholic high school and this week a speaker came in to talk about chastity. The speaker was very good and got his point across to a room full of teenagers. The thing is I don't want to get married. I know weird what teenage girl doesn't want to get married? This one. One reason I don't want to get married is I don't believe love lasts forever. I believe that you can fall in love but it won't last. So waiting until your married doesn't really work for me. But for some reason what the guy said really hit home for me. He said stuff like a girl should be a guys princess that a guy should be there white knight, be willing to die for her just like Jesus did for us, I want that. So why does that all sound so fake to me? Why does that sound like something from a story book that would never happen to me? Maybe that is the reason I don't believe love last forever because it sound like something coming out of a book not real life. So to the people who think I am crazy for not wanting to get married. It doesn't mean I have given up looking for my white knight it just means I don't think I will ever find my true white knight. I will just find fakes pretending to be him.~To School For Cool 

venting parties

venting parties are great. I love them. you talk, eat lots of food, and watch movies as you talk about how much your life sucks. I am having one tonight :) I like to have one about once a month it just shows me how insane my friends are.. like one of my friends in having my phone eat me right now...friends make my life sucks less~Too School For Cool


So I am really short so at school I have a bottom locker. At the beginning of the year it was great! But now the person whose locker is above me keeps dropping books on my head. By the end of the year I am going to have a concussion. Like what the hell she always says sorry but I am starting to not believe her. So I am trying to decided if I should tell her off or just suck it up. O my high school problems~To School For Cool

losing friends

This year I have lost so many friends but I never thought I would lose my best friend. I tried to get her to see I wasn't happy, trying to get her attention like a little puppy dog who you left home alone all day. But I am better than that right? I think I am better than that. So I told her that I was unhappy being her little puppy and always trying to get her attention even if it was just for a second. So I left it up to her to to come to me to be the one who picked up the phone first or send the first message I thought that would get my point across... Its been about two months since I told her how I feel and she hasn't done anything about it I am trying to move on I tell myself I don't need her that I am better on my own. But thoughts about her  keep coming up like is she going to stab me in the back with my secrets? or What happened to the girl I used to know? All I keep thinking is did I make the right move telling her what I feel? But I keep pushing them down saying I did do the right thing but that little voice never leaves me. Never. ~To School for Cool