Last post was in january?? whats wrong with me?

I can't believe that it has been so long since my last post so much has happened. My life has just started to get better. You know the saying there is no were to go but up? well I finally have hit solid ground it took a long time but I finally found it. I'm making new friends all the time it isn't just one friend and I at lunch anymore. There is a whole group of us now, the girls I sit with are all the "second best" they are the girls people call or talk to when there real group of friends isn't there, they are the back up friends. At the table I think it makes then feel like they are more than second best which they totally are. My mom calls us the island of misfit toys because we all never really fit in anywhere.

I got a twitter! If you guys want to follow me you can my twitter is @caitkingston10. I also got a tumblr and my name there is tooschoolforcoollife so follow me and I'll follow you back!

I don't know when I will be back here but I am going to say good bye for know
~Too School For Cool

Wow its been too long

so I know I haven't been around for a while well thats because my life has sucked so much in the past to months I haven't had any motivation to write it all down. So Just to catch you up this is the quick version of my life. After field day I wrote a letter to the girl who was being mean to me and told her how I felt she stopped talking to me. I started making my own tables at lunch so my regular lunch would be me and maybe two people. I could go through three classes and realized I hadn't talked to anyone. So yeah I felt alone. Then I realized all my friends don't go to my school so slowly things got better and now they are taking a turn for the worst again. Know you are all caught up!
Ok so the last week Ive started freaking out again because at the beginning of the year my cousin told me this girl who bullied me from kindergarten to 3rd grade before I moved is transferring to my school after mid terms. Mid terms are in a week. So I start freaking out my friends say the have my back my cousin has threatened her to leave me alone but I'm still terrified its like knowing the big bad monster is going to get you and you can't do anything about it. So I thought I had at least two more weeks to figure out how I was going to deal with the girl I still have nightmares about but then when I walked into Geometry yesterday my teacher says we are going to have a new student that is transferring here on Monday. I almost ran out of the room screaming. But I contained myself and sat there nice in calm. I couldn't focus anymore knowing that she might be in one of my classes. So lets just say I don't know what math was about yesterday. When I got out of class school was over and I ran to my best friend to tell her the terrible news and she told me that her religion teacher told her that it is the girl who bullied me who is starting on Monday BEFORE mid terms. I left school almost in tears. So now the girl I have been dreading seeing is starting on Monday and my life just got horrible again. Fun. But on a happier note I got a laptop yesterday!!! yay!
Wish me luck that I won't get beat up anytime soon~Too School For Cool


So I work at a Christmas store around Christmas time. Last year I was a cashier and this year I work in the tree room. Tree room means just what it sounds like a room full of fake trees. I am in this room for 9 hours on saturdays with this guy I am going to call s. S is 22 and is the store clown he is always do or saying something funny. The thing that I hate about the tree room is we have a old fashion music box that plays one song all day long. It is awful. The other thing that bugs me is all the lights I can't even see by the end of the day. What are you going to do? I guess I will hold my minimum wadge check in hand and slowly save up for a laptop so I dont have to write my post on my iPod any more. With work I can live though it until Christmas eve.....right?~Too School For Cool

Time to make a change

So today at my catholic school I had retreat which is when we spend the whole day with one of the schools youth ministry groups God Squad. One thing we do is witness talks it is when a senior tells about a hard time in there life and how they became closer to God. They are always sad for me but usually they don't hit me because the things peoe say are usually are to big for my life. But today one hit me home. A boy I a am going to call B gave a witness talk. He talked about feeling alone and not seeing the people who love you around you. He talked about not being with anyone and he would just drive places and didnt feel happy and through the whole thing I related to it. I feel alone and that know one cares. So it got me thinking it is time to move on from J and I need to tell her why I am leaving and I am telling her in a letter I am writing today so wish me luck because my life is about to explode and I am going to find people who don't making feel alone just like B did. Everything
Will get better hopefully~Too School For Cool

do I really have any friends?

Before I start the topic of this post I just want to say I am sorry I haven't been posting that much my life has just been crazy.

So last friday my school had field day, because you know we aren't high schoolers or anything we are still 1st graders, and I was left alone. I spent the whole day alone looking for someone to hang out with. During the middle of freshman year I got into a group of 4 girls counting me. M and I have been best friends since 8th grade and just got over are group of 7 braking up, F and I became friends at the beginning of freshman year and we really clicked, then J and I were never really friends but she was friends with my friends so all four of us became friends. Well, J is really mean to me and all ways leaves me out and is just plan rude to me, she also talks behind everyones back. I am trying to get away from her because she just makes me feel bad about myself and I don't need her in my life, but I don't want to start something with her so I am backing away slowly, M and F know this. So at field day M (who is really popular) was hanging out with her other friends and I tried to hang out with them but they are talking about things I don't know like inside jokes and people I have never heard of. Every time I saw F she was with J and I didn't want to hang out with her. So that wasn't a option, and I went to my friends that I talk to in class and stuff but they were hanging out with there friends and I didn't really feel wanted. So I sat at a random table at lunch and then instead of going back outside to the jumpys I went to the auditorium to watch the lion king, yes my school is that beast, and on the way up I saw M, F, and J holding hands and having a great time and I wondered do they even notice I am not there? Do I really have any friends? And I went up to watch the lion king and sat next to someone I haven't talked to since last year in art, and held in my tears. At intermission I went back down to the cafe to go to the ice cream bar and I found a girl I am friends with but only really at lunch cause thats the only time I see her, I am going to call her Z. I ate ice cream with Z and went and watched the rest on the movie with her. Z is a loner just like me. When school was over I went home and cried for hours and told my mom I wasn't going to home coming because know one would want me there. She made me call M and tell her what happened and she felt really sorry and she didn't know I was alone. Then her little sister who is a freshman got on the phone and tried to make me go. In the end they got me to go and at times the same thing happened and one of them would show up and pull me back in to the clump. It makes me wonder how many friends do I have? 2 or none?~Too School For Cool


I have been in dc for the past couple days with my best friend and my parents. We are here because my moms co workers are getting married. It is great me and my best friend have are own room! We are down the hall from my parents it is great. We have been face timing people every night and we get room service every night too (with my parents permission) In DC we was the American history museum and we went to this aquarium that was in a basement... it was kinda weird. To day we went to the Arlington national cemetery which was really cool. DC is a crazy city~Too School For Cool

School so far

So school is getting crazy I have so much work!!!!! This weekend I have to write a paper for one class and the teacher gave us other homework and that is just one class! I have 7 classes! (I took on and extra class yes I am that much of a nerd :) It is just so crazy.
So in the poll for what I should call the transfer boy star is winning so I will be calling him that until another name is winning. So I think I really like star :) He is super nice to me and lately he has been calling me over to him in random places and I have caught him starring at me a few times. He is so nice I hope he likes me. One think that is giving me hope is in may I went to New York and I got my palm read at a street fair, I know its not that reliable but, the lady said that October and November will be great months for me that something huge will happen to me. So it is making me hope that star is the big thing that is going to happen. well we will have to just wait and see!
Homecoming is coming up and I got my dress today! It is purple and it is leopard it has a huge black flower on the side it is so cute! Today I got a feather extenuation! I love it is a natural feather it is grey and black. I am loving my crazy hectic life!-Too School For Cool