Cloud sucks and I wish I never met him..

So I figured out Clouds game...He picks a girl talks to them for a few weeks flirts with them and if he doesn't think he can get into there pants he moves on to the next girl. He all ways picks girls younger than him. He was just flirting with one of my friends but she told him that she likes someone so he moved on to the next girl which was another one of my friends and is now talking to her and she doesn't know what to do. Then out of know were he messages me on facebook! I was like what the hell? And I didn't answer, thank God I am leaving for camp on sunday! Cloud needs to flirt with girls his own age and stop being a dick. Grrrr :,( ~Too School For Cool


So my best friend started to talk to this guy that are other friend liked even though we all think he is a tool. So tonight my best friend told the tool that she didn't like him and that she just wanted to be friends. Well the guy thought my friend was trying to set him up with my best friend! So now my best friend is trying to talk to the kid because now he is acting all depressed! Wow I thought you were a tool because the first time I saw you you were sticking your tongue down a girls throat but I guess I was wrong that you are a sensitive guy? People confuse me ~Too School For Cool

SUMMER!! & a little bit of end of the year drama

Today is the first day of summer! I am sohappy! I have 9 more days until I go to a 6 week summer camp that I only come home on the weekends for! So I won't be posting that much this summer :( and if I do it will only be on Saturdays.

So I know I got a lot of my followers because I was asking for guy advice for a guy I call cloud. I bet a lot of people want to know whats going on with him. Well since spring show ended he asks like I don't exist. When would see him in the hall he would look at me for less than a second and then look away. He is a complete jerk and he hurt me. I wish it didn't hurt. It shouldn't have hurt me but it really did. This is a song that explains everything that happened and everything I want to happen.

All I want him to do is to apologize like the song said but I know that will never happen. In the fall I will be a sophomore and he will be a senior. He will be caught up in being a senior and he won't even think of me ever again. Well what can you do? My life sucks~Too School For Cool

Group projects

In my history class we had a debate on the cold war one group was for the US and the other was for the Soviet Union. My best friend and I were on the Soviet Union group and in are group there is 6 boys and 4 girls counting us. So in are group we broke off into groups of two to do the writing part every group of two had to write a page paper on a certain battle in the cold war. My best friend and I did all of are work but people in are group didn't do their part so even though I worked my ass off I got a D on the project and it ruined my A average. GRRR I hate boys~Too School For Cool