People suck

Ok well this post gose along with my post called losing friends, it's about the same girl. So today I get a call from one of my friends,let's call her b, whose relationship with me is rocky right now because she got in to a big fight with one of are other friends, let's call her m, and I picked m side over b. So b calls me to talk about my ex best friend, let's call her s, she tells me that s says it is my fault that we aren't friends and that I felt that I needed s more than s needed me. So practically she called me weak and that I need to follow someone. Then b tells me that I should have tried harder to keep are friendship because you know I didnt tell s how I feel which was hard enough to stick my head out. The ball is and still is in her court and because she is too scared or just a bitch she won't do anything about it. No she just sends a messenger to blam me for every thing. Well I am not talking about her or how I "need to apologize" for telling her how I felt until she puts on her big girl pants and talks to me. I feel like I was stabbed in the back. Note to self never trust anyone with your feelings again because you always get burned~too school for cool


  1. That is a very bad way to feel. Never wanted to open up or trust someone will just lead to a bad life. Maybe you should look at the people you befriended before writing off friends completely if it was there fault.

  2. I didn't befriend anyone me and b are still friends and all s had to do was talk to me

  3. Sometimes your better off without some people. I know how simple it sounds but it really is that simple. If she really was a friend she wouldn't have gone telling B things like she did. You just don't need these people or the drama they bring. You're better off!