losing friends

This year I have lost so many friends but I never thought I would lose my best friend. I tried to get her to see I wasn't happy, trying to get her attention like a little puppy dog who you left home alone all day. But I am better than that right? I think I am better than that. So I told her that I was unhappy being her little puppy and always trying to get her attention even if it was just for a second. So I left it up to her to to come to me to be the one who picked up the phone first or send the first message I thought that would get my point across... Its been about two months since I told her how I feel and she hasn't done anything about it I am trying to move on I tell myself I don't need her that I am better on my own. But thoughts about her  keep coming up like is she going to stab me in the back with my secrets? or What happened to the girl I used to know? All I keep thinking is did I make the right move telling her what I feel? But I keep pushing them down saying I did do the right thing but that little voice never leaves me. Never. ~To School for Cool


  1. Aw, that sucks. I know how you feel, but just remember the friends that leave were never going to be true to start with.

  2. true but it still hurts this girl was like a sister to me so I really thought it was true. But people can fool you