I go to a catholic high school and this week a speaker came in to talk about chastity. The speaker was very good and got his point across to a room full of teenagers. The thing is I don't want to get married. I know weird what teenage girl doesn't want to get married? This one. One reason I don't want to get married is I don't believe love lasts forever. I believe that you can fall in love but it won't last. So waiting until your married doesn't really work for me. But for some reason what the guy said really hit home for me. He said stuff like a girl should be a guys princess that a guy should be there white knight, be willing to die for her just like Jesus did for us, I want that. So why does that all sound so fake to me? Why does that sound like something from a story book that would never happen to me? Maybe that is the reason I don't believe love last forever because it sound like something coming out of a book not real life. So to the people who think I am crazy for not wanting to get married. It doesn't mean I have given up looking for my white knight it just means I don't think I will ever find my true white knight. I will just find fakes pretending to be him.~To School For Cool 


  1. ... Interesting point of view... I understand ... but I guess... marriage doesn't have to last forever, that's why they invented divorce ;P

    Really loving that pic of the eiffel tower btw...

  2. Haha true about why they invented divorce and thanks about the pic :)