rude teachers

So for art we are designing t-shirts and I showed mine to my teacher. He asked me "Would you were THAT?" Like it was the worst thing he ever saw!  Said "yeah I have a shirt like that and I were it all the time." He gave me a look like I was crazy and walked away. I thought the school motto was to treat people like you want to be treated if I treated him like that he would give me a detention! grrr so unfair and so rude!~Too School For Cool

Cloud... :'(

     So you should remember cloud from my is he your guy friend or is he flirting post. Well today cloud came into my art class. I said hi to him and he said hi to me and we are sitting at this table with my friends.
-side note last night when I was texting cloud he randomly disappeared and stopped answering.. End of side note
Out of know where cloud says, "Too School, sorry I didn't text you back last night." In front of my whole class! Then star, who has been clouds neighbor for her whole life, says to cloud, "You text her?" and cloud says "No she text me" and by this point I am going to die. Now to my whole art class I look like I am stalking cloud. It was so embarrassing! I wanted to crawl under a rock and never come out. 
     So I told my best friend what happened in art and now we got a plan to get him back,  It might be a bitchy move but what he did today was a dick head move and I am not going to let him walk all over me. Game On Cloud Game On.~Too School For Cool


so right now I have to do for history and i am such a procrastinator that i am not anywhere close to done and I really dont want to do it because my partner left me to do the whole project by myself and the she is going to take half the grade even though she isnt doing anything for the project...FML~Too School For Cool

Is he your guy friend or is it flirting?

First sorry I haven't had a new post in like a week it was the week before the spring show at my school and I was practically living at my school. But it is over now :(

Ok so there is this guy, his code name for me and my friends is cloud so I am going to call him that. Cloud and I just became really good friends in the past 3 weeks we started texting each other every day and he was in spring show too so we saw each other there. Cloud is a junior and I am a freshman. So at one spring show practice he was staring at me the whole time he was on stage which is like every song. When he wasn't on stage one time he came and sat next to me didn't say anything just sat there looking at the stage then he realize he had to go back on stage and left. Then during the dress rehearsal on Thursday he acted like I wasn't even there. Then the first night of the show on friday he talked to me a little and at other times pretended I wasn't there and at the end of the show said I did a good job and then texted me later that i did a good job. Then last night he talked to me the whole night he would randomly show up next to me and start talking to me. He almost took his pants off in front of me and my friends.. which was very awkward. So I don't know what to do is he my friend? Does he think I am a creepy freshman stalker? Or is he flirting? I have know idea anymore I ask my friends what they think and they think he is flirting but they are my friend and of corse they would say that so if anyone who reads think as their own opinion on what is going on with cloud please please leave a comment it would help me so much. ~Too School For Cool


My spanish teacher is awful. I went back after school to ask her why the hell I got a 25 on a quiz (FYI I am a A-B+ student) and the first thing she says to me is "Oh I new I would see you about this quiz." Like what the hell! Though the whole conversation she was making it seem like actually caring about my grade is a bad thing!!!!  GRRRRR this makes me mad.~Too School For Cool


By the time people are my age (14, 15 in 8 days!) they have been asked out a lot of times, have had a bf or have a guy they txt all night long and flirt with. I don't have a guy like that I have never had a guy like that. The only two people who have ever asked me out are both special needs and ask out any one that is a girl. Am I really that weird that know guy has and interest in me? Right now it feels like I will never have a bf or anything like a bf. I know thats crazy that I will when the times right but still. Whatever I guess I will have to suck it up and wait. Right?~Too School For Cool