tools and cars...

So two of my friends had a party which sucked, there was only 5 people there. One of the people there was the tool (I posted about him before). My two friends are kinda obsessed  with him they would leave are group of five and go off to talk about him leaving me with the tool and this other guy. So because my friends bailed on me I started hanging out with the tool. Well the tool is 17 and can drive, so he got bored and wanted to leave and go to the corner store the thing is one of my friends isn't allowed in the tools car and my friend wouldn't let my other friend go, but the only person I was talking to was leaving so I jumped in the tools car alone. We had a lot of fun, I almost died 3 times he got us stuck in an intersection and he told me he new my friends were obsessed with him and that one of them likes him. He also told me that he doesn't trust on of my friends anymore. Which has know lead to my friends having a secret war..Fun.. The Sophomore plague has hit my friends!~Too School For Cool


So last week I started working again. It sucks I sticker ornaments for 8 hours. I feel like an elf because it is August and I am getting ready for christmas. I come home from work covered in glitter which sounds great until it wont come off you and you permanently feel like a stripper. Don't get me wrong I love glitter. Like my favorite shoes are my glitter chuck taylors but this stuff is hell. It sticks to your arms, legs, head, back, feet (even though you have sneakers on), hair and anywhere you can think of. When I tell people this they say oh well its a job. You are getting paid, yeah I am getting paid minimum wage for a job that kesha wouldn't take. Lets just say I know what it means throw some glitter make it rain because I have been seeing it rain for the last 8 hours.  My phone is covered in glitter and it wont come off I have been trying to clean it since I have been home. Work sucks ~too school for cool  


hey guys I am still looking for interviews it is a great way you can have your blog more well known please email me!!

thanks ~too school for cool

Life long guy friend and his girl friend brake up?

So my guy friend broke up with his gf because she didn't like any of his friends. This girl was a bitch she always would give me death stairs and she did it to my friends too. I was happy he broke up with her but he broke up with her during semi at camp. Which is a really dick head move. The way he thinks about it is thank god she is out of my life. Oh well maybe the bitch will learn not to treat her boy friend like a lap dog.~too school for cool

my camp ended :(

My  six week camp ended today and i am really sad. I am going to miss all my new friends but I know I will see them again. On monday I start working again at a Christmas store, this is my second season working there, so I will start to have some stories from there it will be fun. So for intervews I have only gotten one and I need 5 so please please email me the answers to these questions! thanks!~Too School For Cool

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