School so far

So school is getting crazy I have so much work!!!!! This weekend I have to write a paper for one class and the teacher gave us other homework and that is just one class! I have 7 classes! (I took on and extra class yes I am that much of a nerd :) It is just so crazy.
So in the poll for what I should call the transfer boy star is winning so I will be calling him that until another name is winning. So I think I really like star :) He is super nice to me and lately he has been calling me over to him in random places and I have caught him starring at me a few times. He is so nice I hope he likes me. One think that is giving me hope is in may I went to New York and I got my palm read at a street fair, I know its not that reliable but, the lady said that October and November will be great months for me that something huge will happen to me. So it is making me hope that star is the big thing that is going to happen. well we will have to just wait and see!
Homecoming is coming up and I got my dress today! It is purple and it is leopard it has a huge black flower on the side it is so cute! Today I got a feather extenuation! I love it is a natural feather it is grey and black. I am loving my crazy hectic life!-Too School For Cool


School started this past week and it was the first time I saw cloud since school ended and the first few days weren't  bad he completely ignored me and i ignored him until Thursday when he sat right across the table from me at lunch! I couldn't believe it! I didn't look at him once I just kept talking to my friend sitting next to me and I acted like he wasn't even there. wow this year is going to be interesting.
On a weird note there is a transfer student that sits behind me in religion and plays footsie with me the whole class at first I found it creepy but then I looked at him and realized he is so cute. Then yesterday after class he told my friend and I that he was going to follow us to spanish (he is also in my spanish class) because he didn't want to walk down the stairs...are class was down stairs. So he followed us all the way to class now I just need a nickname for this kid because hopefully I will be having more post about him so on the side of my blog I will be having a poll on what I should call the kid so pick the one you want me to call him!
This year I have so much more work than last year and I took on and extra class, everyone thinks I am crazy. My extra class is mythology and it is so much fun so  far except for the homework. This year I joined choir and choir at my school isn't the same as choir at a normal New England school. First all the songs we sing are about God (because I go to a catholic high school). Then we wear the robes you see people wearing in the south when they are in  a church choir. Last but not least all the cool kids are in choir if you want to be in the in crowed at school you need to be in choir. My school is weird. Whatever it is so much fun and I get to hangout with my friends once a week for and hour. This year will be fun!~Too School For Cool


School starts on Tuesday and I have the worst homeroom teacher ever...sophomore year is going to suck. I saw cloud was soo awk he acted like he didn't see me even tho he looked right at me.. Great I get to see him every day until June! Only until then and then I will never see him again and good riddance.-TooSchoolForCool