Long life friend gets a girl friend

So remember the post about a guy that is practically like my brother and my friends tried to set me up with him. Well this week at camp he got him self a girl friend. I am really happy for him. Good luck kid let's see how long this last~too school for cool

Do You Want To Be Interviewed?

I want to see what you guys, my readers and followers, think of my blog. If you want to be interviewed just shoot me and email at! I will post my favorite interviews on the blog! so if you want to be part of the blog email me as soon as you can!~TooSchoolForCool

My blog is on the top 25 kid blogger list!!

Thank you to everyone who voted for this blog!!! In the next few weeks my blog will be on the circle of moms website so I will keep you posted! ~Too School For Cool

Clouds "apology"

So everyone knows cloud the stupid junior (now senior) who embarrassed me back in may. Yeah well this week he apologied. It all started on Sunday night when I liked his truth is on facebook. In the truth is he said he didn't know why I stopped texting me but he missed it. Having him say that just pissed me off. I thought (and still think) That be missed talking to me then he should grow a pair and do something about it. So on Monday when it was phone time at camp (I get my phone from 9:45-10:15 every night when I am at camp) I texted him telling him what happened and why I stopped texting him. He said sorry and I wish I could take that day back so many times in that half hour. Everything he texted me seemed fake and when I lost my phone that night I ended the convo saying if you miss talking to me then sometime start a convo with me. For the rest of the week he didnt text me and I completely thought everything he said was fake. Today when I got home and went on facebook there was a message from cloud. He said sorry and I wish I could take the day back again but he also said he new it is going to take everything on his part to settle things down again. So I said to him one thing I hate is when people say they are sorry and think everything is back to normal when really they aren't even close to being forgiven. wow cloud you are such a jackass what did I ever see in you?~Too School For Cool

Harry Potter Spoiler alert!!!

Last night at 10:40 I went and saw Harry Potter the last one. I have been seeing the movies since I was in kindergarden! It was so sad it was like seeing my childhood coming to and end. Seeing Hogwarts being destroyed was devastating to me. I have day dreamed about being a student there my whole life. I also found out that Snape who I have hated since the first movie was actually cared for Harry his whole life because of Harry's mother blew my mind I still can't get over it! What also blew my mind was that Dumbledore knew Harry was going to have to be killed by Voltemort! The whole movie showed me the childhood was a lie. But I still loved it and I will always be my favorite movie.~Too School For Cool

mall trips

so I had a trip to the mall planed for 2 weeks and at the last minute half of the people I invited told me they couldn't come. I still had fun watching my friends make fools out of them selfs. I just wish that all my friends were there. oh well what are you going to do ~Too School For Cool

Stupid guys

So my friend has this guy that has practically stalked her since september. They are now friends but he wants to date her and she says no because she likes someone else. Then on the 4th of July the guy she likes asked her to go to the beach with him and she went. This upset her friend so much that he started to cut himself.  Know every day on the phone he tells her  that she's his life line and that if she leaves him he will kill himself. I personally think this is ridiculous and that the kid needs to grow a pair. Just because someone doesn't like you back doesn't mean you kill yourself I mean come on you can't always get what you want!~Too School For Cool

Life long friends ....Or more?

At the summer camp I am at one of my life long friends is there him and I have grew up together. His code name is grass. So grass and I have always been close but for high school we went to different schools so we hadn't seen each other in about a year before camp. When we started camp are relationship was different. But we were still best friends. Then for lunch he started sitting at a different table full of girls, and then at dinner some of the girls came over to talk to him they have a stupid nick name for him, awkward grass. My friends said I gave the girls a awful stair and made it seem like I didn't like them talking to grass and it looked like I liked him. The thing is I didn't even realize I gave them a look and I defiantly don't like him. My friends think he likes me and that I sub concisely  like him. They think by the end of the summer I will be dating him. But I don't like him like that he is one of my best friends and I don't want that to change.~Too School For Cool

This blog was nominated!

This blog was nominated for the top 25 kid bloggers list on the circle of moms! The competition ends on July 22 so please vote every day! Heres the link!