So I work at a Christmas store around Christmas time. Last year I was a cashier and this year I work in the tree room. Tree room means just what it sounds like a room full of fake trees. I am in this room for 9 hours on saturdays with this guy I am going to call s. S is 22 and is the store clown he is always do or saying something funny. The thing that I hate about the tree room is we have a old fashion music box that plays one song all day long. It is awful. The other thing that bugs me is all the lights I can't even see by the end of the day. What are you going to do? I guess I will hold my minimum wadge check in hand and slowly save up for a laptop so I dont have to write my post on my iPod any more. With work I can live though it until Christmas eve.....right?~Too School For Cool

Time to make a change

So today at my catholic school I had retreat which is when we spend the whole day with one of the schools youth ministry groups God Squad. One thing we do is witness talks it is when a senior tells about a hard time in there life and how they became closer to God. They are always sad for me but usually they don't hit me because the things peoe say are usually are to big for my life. But today one hit me home. A boy I a am going to call B gave a witness talk. He talked about feeling alone and not seeing the people who love you around you. He talked about not being with anyone and he would just drive places and didnt feel happy and through the whole thing I related to it. I feel alone and that know one cares. So it got me thinking it is time to move on from J and I need to tell her why I am leaving and I am telling her in a letter I am writing today so wish me luck because my life is about to explode and I am going to find people who don't making feel alone just like B did. Everything
Will get better hopefully~Too School For Cool

do I really have any friends?

Before I start the topic of this post I just want to say I am sorry I haven't been posting that much my life has just been crazy.

So last friday my school had field day, because you know we aren't high schoolers or anything we are still 1st graders, and I was left alone. I spent the whole day alone looking for someone to hang out with. During the middle of freshman year I got into a group of 4 girls counting me. M and I have been best friends since 8th grade and just got over are group of 7 braking up, F and I became friends at the beginning of freshman year and we really clicked, then J and I were never really friends but she was friends with my friends so all four of us became friends. Well, J is really mean to me and all ways leaves me out and is just plan rude to me, she also talks behind everyones back. I am trying to get away from her because she just makes me feel bad about myself and I don't need her in my life, but I don't want to start something with her so I am backing away slowly, M and F know this. So at field day M (who is really popular) was hanging out with her other friends and I tried to hang out with them but they are talking about things I don't know like inside jokes and people I have never heard of. Every time I saw F she was with J and I didn't want to hang out with her. So that wasn't a option, and I went to my friends that I talk to in class and stuff but they were hanging out with there friends and I didn't really feel wanted. So I sat at a random table at lunch and then instead of going back outside to the jumpys I went to the auditorium to watch the lion king, yes my school is that beast, and on the way up I saw M, F, and J holding hands and having a great time and I wondered do they even notice I am not there? Do I really have any friends? And I went up to watch the lion king and sat next to someone I haven't talked to since last year in art, and held in my tears. At intermission I went back down to the cafe to go to the ice cream bar and I found a girl I am friends with but only really at lunch cause thats the only time I see her, I am going to call her Z. I ate ice cream with Z and went and watched the rest on the movie with her. Z is a loner just like me. When school was over I went home and cried for hours and told my mom I wasn't going to home coming because know one would want me there. She made me call M and tell her what happened and she felt really sorry and she didn't know I was alone. Then her little sister who is a freshman got on the phone and tried to make me go. In the end they got me to go and at times the same thing happened and one of them would show up and pull me back in to the clump. It makes me wonder how many friends do I have? 2 or none?~Too School For Cool


I have been in dc for the past couple days with my best friend and my parents. We are here because my moms co workers are getting married. It is great me and my best friend have are own room! We are down the hall from my parents it is great. We have been face timing people every night and we get room service every night too (with my parents permission) In DC we was the American history museum and we went to this aquarium that was in a basement... it was kinda weird. To day we went to the Arlington national cemetery which was really cool. DC is a crazy city~Too School For Cool

School so far

So school is getting crazy I have so much work!!!!! This weekend I have to write a paper for one class and the teacher gave us other homework and that is just one class! I have 7 classes! (I took on and extra class yes I am that much of a nerd :) It is just so crazy.
So in the poll for what I should call the transfer boy star is winning so I will be calling him that until another name is winning. So I think I really like star :) He is super nice to me and lately he has been calling me over to him in random places and I have caught him starring at me a few times. He is so nice I hope he likes me. One think that is giving me hope is in may I went to New York and I got my palm read at a street fair, I know its not that reliable but, the lady said that October and November will be great months for me that something huge will happen to me. So it is making me hope that star is the big thing that is going to happen. well we will have to just wait and see!
Homecoming is coming up and I got my dress today! It is purple and it is leopard it has a huge black flower on the side it is so cute! Today I got a feather extenuation! I love it is a natural feather it is grey and black. I am loving my crazy hectic life!-Too School For Cool


School started this past week and it was the first time I saw cloud since school ended and the first few days weren't  bad he completely ignored me and i ignored him until Thursday when he sat right across the table from me at lunch! I couldn't believe it! I didn't look at him once I just kept talking to my friend sitting next to me and I acted like he wasn't even there. wow this year is going to be interesting.
On a weird note there is a transfer student that sits behind me in religion and plays footsie with me the whole class at first I found it creepy but then I looked at him and realized he is so cute. Then yesterday after class he told my friend and I that he was going to follow us to spanish (he is also in my spanish class) because he didn't want to walk down the stairs...are class was down stairs. So he followed us all the way to class now I just need a nickname for this kid because hopefully I will be having more post about him so on the side of my blog I will be having a poll on what I should call the kid so pick the one you want me to call him!
This year I have so much more work than last year and I took on and extra class, everyone thinks I am crazy. My extra class is mythology and it is so much fun so  far except for the homework. This year I joined choir and choir at my school isn't the same as choir at a normal New England school. First all the songs we sing are about God (because I go to a catholic high school). Then we wear the robes you see people wearing in the south when they are in  a church choir. Last but not least all the cool kids are in choir if you want to be in the in crowed at school you need to be in choir. My school is weird. Whatever it is so much fun and I get to hangout with my friends once a week for and hour. This year will be fun!~Too School For Cool


School starts on Tuesday and I have the worst homeroom teacher ever...sophomore year is going to suck. I saw cloud was soo awk he acted like he didn't see me even tho he looked right at me.. Great I get to see him every day until June! Only until then and then I will never see him again and good riddance.-TooSchoolForCool

tools and cars...

So two of my friends had a party which sucked, there was only 5 people there. One of the people there was the tool (I posted about him before). My two friends are kinda obsessed  with him they would leave are group of five and go off to talk about him leaving me with the tool and this other guy. So because my friends bailed on me I started hanging out with the tool. Well the tool is 17 and can drive, so he got bored and wanted to leave and go to the corner store the thing is one of my friends isn't allowed in the tools car and my friend wouldn't let my other friend go, but the only person I was talking to was leaving so I jumped in the tools car alone. We had a lot of fun, I almost died 3 times he got us stuck in an intersection and he told me he new my friends were obsessed with him and that one of them likes him. He also told me that he doesn't trust on of my friends anymore. Which has know lead to my friends having a secret war..Fun.. The Sophomore plague has hit my friends!~Too School For Cool


So last week I started working again. It sucks I sticker ornaments for 8 hours. I feel like an elf because it is August and I am getting ready for christmas. I come home from work covered in glitter which sounds great until it wont come off you and you permanently feel like a stripper. Don't get me wrong I love glitter. Like my favorite shoes are my glitter chuck taylors but this stuff is hell. It sticks to your arms, legs, head, back, feet (even though you have sneakers on), hair and anywhere you can think of. When I tell people this they say oh well its a job. You are getting paid, yeah I am getting paid minimum wage for a job that kesha wouldn't take. Lets just say I know what it means throw some glitter make it rain because I have been seeing it rain for the last 8 hours.  My phone is covered in glitter and it wont come off I have been trying to clean it since I have been home. Work sucks ~too school for cool  


hey guys I am still looking for interviews it is a great way you can have your blog more well known please email me!!

thanks ~too school for cool

Life long guy friend and his girl friend brake up?

So my guy friend broke up with his gf because she didn't like any of his friends. This girl was a bitch she always would give me death stairs and she did it to my friends too. I was happy he broke up with her but he broke up with her during semi at camp. Which is a really dick head move. The way he thinks about it is thank god she is out of my life. Oh well maybe the bitch will learn not to treat her boy friend like a lap dog.~too school for cool

my camp ended :(

My  six week camp ended today and i am really sad. I am going to miss all my new friends but I know I will see them again. On monday I start working again at a Christmas store, this is my second season working there, so I will start to have some stories from there it will be fun. So for intervews I have only gotten one and I need 5 so please please email me the answers to these questions! thanks!~Too School For Cool

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What is your favorite post on the blog!

Long life friend gets a girl friend

So remember the post about a guy that is practically like my brother and my friends tried to set me up with him. Well this week at camp he got him self a girl friend. I am really happy for him. Good luck kid let's see how long this last~too school for cool

Do You Want To Be Interviewed?

I want to see what you guys, my readers and followers, think of my blog. If you want to be interviewed just shoot me and email at! I will post my favorite interviews on the blog! so if you want to be part of the blog email me as soon as you can!~TooSchoolForCool

My blog is on the top 25 kid blogger list!!

Thank you to everyone who voted for this blog!!! In the next few weeks my blog will be on the circle of moms website so I will keep you posted! ~Too School For Cool

Clouds "apology"

So everyone knows cloud the stupid junior (now senior) who embarrassed me back in may. Yeah well this week he apologied. It all started on Sunday night when I liked his truth is on facebook. In the truth is he said he didn't know why I stopped texting me but he missed it. Having him say that just pissed me off. I thought (and still think) That be missed talking to me then he should grow a pair and do something about it. So on Monday when it was phone time at camp (I get my phone from 9:45-10:15 every night when I am at camp) I texted him telling him what happened and why I stopped texting him. He said sorry and I wish I could take that day back so many times in that half hour. Everything he texted me seemed fake and when I lost my phone that night I ended the convo saying if you miss talking to me then sometime start a convo with me. For the rest of the week he didnt text me and I completely thought everything he said was fake. Today when I got home and went on facebook there was a message from cloud. He said sorry and I wish I could take the day back again but he also said he new it is going to take everything on his part to settle things down again. So I said to him one thing I hate is when people say they are sorry and think everything is back to normal when really they aren't even close to being forgiven. wow cloud you are such a jackass what did I ever see in you?~Too School For Cool

Harry Potter Spoiler alert!!!

Last night at 10:40 I went and saw Harry Potter the last one. I have been seeing the movies since I was in kindergarden! It was so sad it was like seeing my childhood coming to and end. Seeing Hogwarts being destroyed was devastating to me. I have day dreamed about being a student there my whole life. I also found out that Snape who I have hated since the first movie was actually cared for Harry his whole life because of Harry's mother blew my mind I still can't get over it! What also blew my mind was that Dumbledore knew Harry was going to have to be killed by Voltemort! The whole movie showed me the childhood was a lie. But I still loved it and I will always be my favorite movie.~Too School For Cool

mall trips

so I had a trip to the mall planed for 2 weeks and at the last minute half of the people I invited told me they couldn't come. I still had fun watching my friends make fools out of them selfs. I just wish that all my friends were there. oh well what are you going to do ~Too School For Cool

Stupid guys

So my friend has this guy that has practically stalked her since september. They are now friends but he wants to date her and she says no because she likes someone else. Then on the 4th of July the guy she likes asked her to go to the beach with him and she went. This upset her friend so much that he started to cut himself.  Know every day on the phone he tells her  that she's his life line and that if she leaves him he will kill himself. I personally think this is ridiculous and that the kid needs to grow a pair. Just because someone doesn't like you back doesn't mean you kill yourself I mean come on you can't always get what you want!~Too School For Cool

Life long friends ....Or more?

At the summer camp I am at one of my life long friends is there him and I have grew up together. His code name is grass. So grass and I have always been close but for high school we went to different schools so we hadn't seen each other in about a year before camp. When we started camp are relationship was different. But we were still best friends. Then for lunch he started sitting at a different table full of girls, and then at dinner some of the girls came over to talk to him they have a stupid nick name for him, awkward grass. My friends said I gave the girls a awful stair and made it seem like I didn't like them talking to grass and it looked like I liked him. The thing is I didn't even realize I gave them a look and I defiantly don't like him. My friends think he likes me and that I sub concisely  like him. They think by the end of the summer I will be dating him. But I don't like him like that he is one of my best friends and I don't want that to change.~Too School For Cool

This blog was nominated!

This blog was nominated for the top 25 kid bloggers list on the circle of moms! The competition ends on July 22 so please vote every day! Heres the link!

Cloud sucks and I wish I never met him..

So I figured out Clouds game...He picks a girl talks to them for a few weeks flirts with them and if he doesn't think he can get into there pants he moves on to the next girl. He all ways picks girls younger than him. He was just flirting with one of my friends but she told him that she likes someone so he moved on to the next girl which was another one of my friends and is now talking to her and she doesn't know what to do. Then out of know were he messages me on facebook! I was like what the hell? And I didn't answer, thank God I am leaving for camp on sunday! Cloud needs to flirt with girls his own age and stop being a dick. Grrrr :,( ~Too School For Cool


So my best friend started to talk to this guy that are other friend liked even though we all think he is a tool. So tonight my best friend told the tool that she didn't like him and that she just wanted to be friends. Well the guy thought my friend was trying to set him up with my best friend! So now my best friend is trying to talk to the kid because now he is acting all depressed! Wow I thought you were a tool because the first time I saw you you were sticking your tongue down a girls throat but I guess I was wrong that you are a sensitive guy? People confuse me ~Too School For Cool

SUMMER!! & a little bit of end of the year drama

Today is the first day of summer! I am sohappy! I have 9 more days until I go to a 6 week summer camp that I only come home on the weekends for! So I won't be posting that much this summer :( and if I do it will only be on Saturdays.

So I know I got a lot of my followers because I was asking for guy advice for a guy I call cloud. I bet a lot of people want to know whats going on with him. Well since spring show ended he asks like I don't exist. When would see him in the hall he would look at me for less than a second and then look away. He is a complete jerk and he hurt me. I wish it didn't hurt. It shouldn't have hurt me but it really did. This is a song that explains everything that happened and everything I want to happen.

All I want him to do is to apologize like the song said but I know that will never happen. In the fall I will be a sophomore and he will be a senior. He will be caught up in being a senior and he won't even think of me ever again. Well what can you do? My life sucks~Too School For Cool

Group projects

In my history class we had a debate on the cold war one group was for the US and the other was for the Soviet Union. My best friend and I were on the Soviet Union group and in are group there is 6 boys and 4 girls counting us. So in are group we broke off into groups of two to do the writing part every group of two had to write a page paper on a certain battle in the cold war. My best friend and I did all of are work but people in are group didn't do their part so even though I worked my ass off I got a D on the project and it ruined my A average. GRRR I hate boys~Too School For Cool

rude teachers

So for art we are designing t-shirts and I showed mine to my teacher. He asked me "Would you were THAT?" Like it was the worst thing he ever saw!  Said "yeah I have a shirt like that and I were it all the time." He gave me a look like I was crazy and walked away. I thought the school motto was to treat people like you want to be treated if I treated him like that he would give me a detention! grrr so unfair and so rude!~Too School For Cool

Cloud... :'(

     So you should remember cloud from my is he your guy friend or is he flirting post. Well today cloud came into my art class. I said hi to him and he said hi to me and we are sitting at this table with my friends.
-side note last night when I was texting cloud he randomly disappeared and stopped answering.. End of side note
Out of know where cloud says, "Too School, sorry I didn't text you back last night." In front of my whole class! Then star, who has been clouds neighbor for her whole life, says to cloud, "You text her?" and cloud says "No she text me" and by this point I am going to die. Now to my whole art class I look like I am stalking cloud. It was so embarrassing! I wanted to crawl under a rock and never come out. 
     So I told my best friend what happened in art and now we got a plan to get him back,  It might be a bitchy move but what he did today was a dick head move and I am not going to let him walk all over me. Game On Cloud Game On.~Too School For Cool


so right now I have to do for history and i am such a procrastinator that i am not anywhere close to done and I really dont want to do it because my partner left me to do the whole project by myself and the she is going to take half the grade even though she isnt doing anything for the project...FML~Too School For Cool

Is he your guy friend or is it flirting?

First sorry I haven't had a new post in like a week it was the week before the spring show at my school and I was practically living at my school. But it is over now :(

Ok so there is this guy, his code name for me and my friends is cloud so I am going to call him that. Cloud and I just became really good friends in the past 3 weeks we started texting each other every day and he was in spring show too so we saw each other there. Cloud is a junior and I am a freshman. So at one spring show practice he was staring at me the whole time he was on stage which is like every song. When he wasn't on stage one time he came and sat next to me didn't say anything just sat there looking at the stage then he realize he had to go back on stage and left. Then during the dress rehearsal on Thursday he acted like I wasn't even there. Then the first night of the show on friday he talked to me a little and at other times pretended I wasn't there and at the end of the show said I did a good job and then texted me later that i did a good job. Then last night he talked to me the whole night he would randomly show up next to me and start talking to me. He almost took his pants off in front of me and my friends.. which was very awkward. So I don't know what to do is he my friend? Does he think I am a creepy freshman stalker? Or is he flirting? I have know idea anymore I ask my friends what they think and they think he is flirting but they are my friend and of corse they would say that so if anyone who reads think as their own opinion on what is going on with cloud please please leave a comment it would help me so much. ~Too School For Cool


My spanish teacher is awful. I went back after school to ask her why the hell I got a 25 on a quiz (FYI I am a A-B+ student) and the first thing she says to me is "Oh I new I would see you about this quiz." Like what the hell! Though the whole conversation she was making it seem like actually caring about my grade is a bad thing!!!!  GRRRRR this makes me mad.~Too School For Cool


By the time people are my age (14, 15 in 8 days!) they have been asked out a lot of times, have had a bf or have a guy they txt all night long and flirt with. I don't have a guy like that I have never had a guy like that. The only two people who have ever asked me out are both special needs and ask out any one that is a girl. Am I really that weird that know guy has and interest in me? Right now it feels like I will never have a bf or anything like a bf. I know thats crazy that I will when the times right but still. Whatever I guess I will have to suck it up and wait. Right?~Too School For Cool

Crying over random things

So when I am sad I don't cry then I wait until three weeks later and cry over something stupid. Like I have cried over salt, milk, going out side, and cleaning up my room. I am so weird.~Too School For Cool

Spanish class

I hate that class. Its not that I hate spanish I have always wanted to learn spanish. It's just I hate my teacher and she hates me. She always marks my paper lower than it should be and every time I bring my paper up  to her to see why I got something wrong I usually got it right and she just marked it wrong I know what you are thinking everyone makes mistakes even teachers but this has been going on all year and I am done with it.~Too School For Cool

parent's coworkers

I went to a party with my mom today. The party was a going away party for her boss. I have only met a few people my mom works with before this party. Everyone there new who I was, were I go to school, what I wanted to do in my life, were I want to go to college and what am I doing over the summer. I was very creepy, it was like a room full of stalkers. Well every one was nice and I did have fun. Well I guess you never know how much your mom talks about you until you meet her coworkers~Too School For Cool

People suck

Ok well this post gose along with my post called losing friends, it's about the same girl. So today I get a call from one of my friends,let's call her b, whose relationship with me is rocky right now because she got in to a big fight with one of are other friends, let's call her m, and I picked m side over b. So b calls me to talk about my ex best friend, let's call her s, she tells me that s says it is my fault that we aren't friends and that I felt that I needed s more than s needed me. So practically she called me weak and that I need to follow someone. Then b tells me that I should have tried harder to keep are friendship because you know I didnt tell s how I feel which was hard enough to stick my head out. The ball is and still is in her court and because she is too scared or just a bitch she won't do anything about it. No she just sends a messenger to blam me for every thing. Well I am not talking about her or how I "need to apologize" for telling her how I felt until she puts on her big girl pants and talks to me. I feel like I was stabbed in the back. Note to self never trust anyone with your feelings again because you always get burned~too school for cool


Some people when they have a vacation from school they are never home, Sleepovers every night, going to the mall all day every day or going on a big family vacation that you spend every waking second with your family. But me I spend my vacations home alone trying to make plans with people but people always have other plans. It just shows how much of a nerd I really am. I feel like I have gotten more social this year or maybe it is all just in my head and I am still as antisocial as I have been my whole life. Whatever it is I am just going to have to suck it up and keep moving forward~Too School For Cool

Teachers yelling

So today at school we had a assembly and every one in the auditorium was talking and my homeroom teacher screamed "you get over here" and she was pointing at me!!! So I got up and walked over to her!! She screamed "sit down and if you do that again you will go to the back of the room!" I sat down and thought what the hell I didn't do anything wrong! So I got screamed at and moved for nothing. Fuck my life~too school for cool


I go to a catholic high school and this week a speaker came in to talk about chastity. The speaker was very good and got his point across to a room full of teenagers. The thing is I don't want to get married. I know weird what teenage girl doesn't want to get married? This one. One reason I don't want to get married is I don't believe love lasts forever. I believe that you can fall in love but it won't last. So waiting until your married doesn't really work for me. But for some reason what the guy said really hit home for me. He said stuff like a girl should be a guys princess that a guy should be there white knight, be willing to die for her just like Jesus did for us, I want that. So why does that all sound so fake to me? Why does that sound like something from a story book that would never happen to me? Maybe that is the reason I don't believe love last forever because it sound like something coming out of a book not real life. So to the people who think I am crazy for not wanting to get married. It doesn't mean I have given up looking for my white knight it just means I don't think I will ever find my true white knight. I will just find fakes pretending to be him.~To School For Cool 

venting parties

venting parties are great. I love them. you talk, eat lots of food, and watch movies as you talk about how much your life sucks. I am having one tonight :) I like to have one about once a month it just shows me how insane my friends are.. like one of my friends in having my phone eat me right now...friends make my life sucks less~Too School For Cool


So I am really short so at school I have a bottom locker. At the beginning of the year it was great! But now the person whose locker is above me keeps dropping books on my head. By the end of the year I am going to have a concussion. Like what the hell she always says sorry but I am starting to not believe her. So I am trying to decided if I should tell her off or just suck it up. O my high school problems~To School For Cool

losing friends

This year I have lost so many friends but I never thought I would lose my best friend. I tried to get her to see I wasn't happy, trying to get her attention like a little puppy dog who you left home alone all day. But I am better than that right? I think I am better than that. So I told her that I was unhappy being her little puppy and always trying to get her attention even if it was just for a second. So I left it up to her to to come to me to be the one who picked up the phone first or send the first message I thought that would get my point across... Its been about two months since I told her how I feel and she hasn't done anything about it I am trying to move on I tell myself I don't need her that I am better on my own. But thoughts about her  keep coming up like is she going to stab me in the back with my secrets? or What happened to the girl I used to know? All I keep thinking is did I make the right move telling her what I feel? But I keep pushing them down saying I did do the right thing but that little voice never leaves me. Never. ~To School for Cool