SUMMER!! & a little bit of end of the year drama

Today is the first day of summer! I am sohappy! I have 9 more days until I go to a 6 week summer camp that I only come home on the weekends for! So I won't be posting that much this summer :( and if I do it will only be on Saturdays.

So I know I got a lot of my followers because I was asking for guy advice for a guy I call cloud. I bet a lot of people want to know whats going on with him. Well since spring show ended he asks like I don't exist. When would see him in the hall he would look at me for less than a second and then look away. He is a complete jerk and he hurt me. I wish it didn't hurt. It shouldn't have hurt me but it really did. This is a song that explains everything that happened and everything I want to happen.

All I want him to do is to apologize like the song said but I know that will never happen. In the fall I will be a sophomore and he will be a senior. He will be caught up in being a senior and he won't even think of me ever again. Well what can you do? My life sucks~Too School For Cool

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  1. Maybe before he graduate's he'll speak to you ~?