Wow its been too long

so I know I haven't been around for a while well thats because my life has sucked so much in the past to months I haven't had any motivation to write it all down. So Just to catch you up this is the quick version of my life. After field day I wrote a letter to the girl who was being mean to me and told her how I felt she stopped talking to me. I started making my own tables at lunch so my regular lunch would be me and maybe two people. I could go through three classes and realized I hadn't talked to anyone. So yeah I felt alone. Then I realized all my friends don't go to my school so slowly things got better and now they are taking a turn for the worst again. Know you are all caught up!
Ok so the last week Ive started freaking out again because at the beginning of the year my cousin told me this girl who bullied me from kindergarten to 3rd grade before I moved is transferring to my school after mid terms. Mid terms are in a week. So I start freaking out my friends say the have my back my cousin has threatened her to leave me alone but I'm still terrified its like knowing the big bad monster is going to get you and you can't do anything about it. So I thought I had at least two more weeks to figure out how I was going to deal with the girl I still have nightmares about but then when I walked into Geometry yesterday my teacher says we are going to have a new student that is transferring here on Monday. I almost ran out of the room screaming. But I contained myself and sat there nice in calm. I couldn't focus anymore knowing that she might be in one of my classes. So lets just say I don't know what math was about yesterday. When I got out of class school was over and I ran to my best friend to tell her the terrible news and she told me that her religion teacher told her that it is the girl who bullied me who is starting on Monday BEFORE mid terms. I left school almost in tears. So now the girl I have been dreading seeing is starting on Monday and my life just got horrible again. Fun. But on a happier note I got a laptop yesterday!!! yay!
Wish me luck that I won't get beat up anytime soon~Too School For Cool

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  1. Wow American High Schools, I cannot even express how sorry I feel for the kids that get bullied or treated like crap! Don't get me wrong we're not exactly martyrs in England and we can be just as bad but I don't know, somehow it seems like you guys have it worse. Anyway, never had quite the same experience as you but something similar where me and someone had differences but it was ok in the end. Either this girl would have grown up and hopefully grown out of the whole bullying thing, which would be pretty good for you. Or she's still a bitch, in which is not good. If that's the case then don't let her bully you, this is your school she's coming to, you were there first and if you let her bully you she'll keep doing it because she knows she can. Don't get me wrong I know people don't exactly choose to get bullied, but sometimes people choose to get bullied by doing nothing.