Time to make a change

So today at my catholic school I had retreat which is when we spend the whole day with one of the schools youth ministry groups God Squad. One thing we do is witness talks it is when a senior tells about a hard time in there life and how they became closer to God. They are always sad for me but usually they don't hit me because the things peoe say are usually are to big for my life. But today one hit me home. A boy I a am going to call B gave a witness talk. He talked about feeling alone and not seeing the people who love you around you. He talked about not being with anyone and he would just drive places and didnt feel happy and through the whole thing I related to it. I feel alone and that know one cares. So it got me thinking it is time to move on from J and I need to tell her why I am leaving and I am telling her in a letter I am writing today so wish me luck because my life is about to explode and I am going to find people who don't making feel alone just like B did. Everything
Will get better hopefully~Too School For Cool

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