Harry Potter Spoiler alert!!!

Last night at 10:40 I went and saw Harry Potter the last one. I have been seeing the movies since I was in kindergarden! It was so sad it was like seeing my childhood coming to and end. Seeing Hogwarts being destroyed was devastating to me. I have day dreamed about being a student there my whole life. I also found out that Snape who I have hated since the first movie was actually cared for Harry his whole life because of Harry's mother blew my mind I still can't get over it! What also blew my mind was that Dumbledore knew Harry was going to have to be killed by Voltemort! The whole movie showed me the childhood was a lie. But I still loved it and I will always be my favorite movie.~Too School For Cool


  1. : O iKnew about Harry dying but never about the Hogwarts thing.
    Gosh iPlan to read the series in a few years from now ~

  2. Haven't seen it yet! I really liked the "Harry Potter," movies but am glad it's over now. Lets see what else these kids can do!