Clouds "apology"

So everyone knows cloud the stupid junior (now senior) who embarrassed me back in may. Yeah well this week he apologied. It all started on Sunday night when I liked his truth is on facebook. In the truth is he said he didn't know why I stopped texting me but he missed it. Having him say that just pissed me off. I thought (and still think) That be missed talking to me then he should grow a pair and do something about it. So on Monday when it was phone time at camp (I get my phone from 9:45-10:15 every night when I am at camp) I texted him telling him what happened and why I stopped texting him. He said sorry and I wish I could take that day back so many times in that half hour. Everything he texted me seemed fake and when I lost my phone that night I ended the convo saying if you miss talking to me then sometime start a convo with me. For the rest of the week he didnt text me and I completely thought everything he said was fake. Today when I got home and went on facebook there was a message from cloud. He said sorry and I wish I could take the day back again but he also said he new it is going to take everything on his part to settle things down again. So I said to him one thing I hate is when people say they are sorry and think everything is back to normal when really they aren't even close to being forgiven. wow cloud you are such a jackass what did I ever see in you?~Too School For Cool


  1. He's trying to rid all guilt before returning to school.
    iDid that tooo a friend iHadn't spoke to in a loong time.

  2. Glad you finally see the light! What a loser he is! If he wants things to go back to normal he's gotta work for it! It's completely on his part now! Well done for what you said to put him in his place!