Stupid guys

So my friend has this guy that has practically stalked her since september. They are now friends but he wants to date her and she says no because she likes someone else. Then on the 4th of July the guy she likes asked her to go to the beach with him and she went. This upset her friend so much that he started to cut himself.  Know every day on the phone he tells her  that she's his life line and that if she leaves him he will kill himself. I personally think this is ridiculous and that the kid needs to grow a pair. Just because someone doesn't like you back doesn't mean you kill yourself I mean come on you can't always get what you want!~Too School For Cool


  1. oh! I know exactly what you are talking about. People will continue to do that until you graduate. It's a crazy way to get attention, Im a senior in high school and I see and hear people do that all the time. I've actually had a boyfriend do that to me before too

  2. Urgh! This happened to me with my ex! It drove me crazy! Even the littlest thing would set him off like if I was gonna get off the phone to go do something he'd just be like "Fine you go! You don't want to talk to me. I love you so much. I'm gonna prove it by carving your name on my arm!" Or sometimes it would be I'm gonna kill myself to prove how much I love you. I really didn't get him!!