So last week I started working again. It sucks I sticker ornaments for 8 hours. I feel like an elf because it is August and I am getting ready for christmas. I come home from work covered in glitter which sounds great until it wont come off you and you permanently feel like a stripper. Don't get me wrong I love glitter. Like my favorite shoes are my glitter chuck taylors but this stuff is hell. It sticks to your arms, legs, head, back, feet (even though you have sneakers on), hair and anywhere you can think of. When I tell people this they say oh well its a job. You are getting paid, yeah I am getting paid minimum wage for a job that kesha wouldn't take. Lets just say I know what it means throw some glitter make it rain because I have been seeing it rain for the last 8 hours.  My phone is covered in glitter and it wont come off I have been trying to clean it since I have been home. Work sucks ~too school for cool  


  1. I love glitter too but yeah, it sucks when it doesn't go off! o.O

    You work ?
    I always wanted to work, earn something, work as a summer job but here in my country, it is illegal to work under the age of 18.
    Yes, lame but can't help!

    Wishing you great days ahead! :)

  2. Yeah I work the legal age is 14 I am 15 this is my second year working

  3. Ah, Glitter is good when you want it to stick.
    But when your not in the mood ~ x )
    Hope works turns out to be better for you then.

  4. I love glitter. But only when I'm not trying to use it.