my camp ended :(

My  six week camp ended today and i am really sad. I am going to miss all my new friends but I know I will see them again. On monday I start working again at a Christmas store, this is my second season working there, so I will start to have some stories from there it will be fun. So for intervews I have only gotten one and I need 5 so please please email me the answers to these questions! thanks!~Too School For Cool

Do you have a blog?
How did you find out about the life sucks blog?
How does the life sucks blog relate to you?
What is your favorite thing about the blog?
What do you think needs to be changed on the blog?
What is your favorite post on the blog!

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  1. Aw ~ Sucks but all good things must come to an end right ?
    Looking forward to the interviews and the stories.